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We offer Remote Battery Monitoirng System for Highway ETC ( Electronic Toll Collection ) Project in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions of China
Publish time : 2021-08-23
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ETC( Electronic Toll Collection ) System allows road users to keep driving without stopping when entering the toll lane. Moreover,The  ETC System allows free flow of traffic which helps to reduce auto emissions and fuel consumption and modifies the travel patterns.


Regarding the ETC system, the UPS and batteries plays a key role in the stable operation of the protection system,With the rapid development of highway construction in my country, the scale of highways is becoming larger and larger, and the power supply failure problems faced by customers are also increasing.On the other hand, since many highways sites and scattered, low hand inspection efficiency, high labor costs.


Each site of the ETC System contains 5 strings of 2 blocks of 12V 100AH, there are total 205 sites. We provide the continus 7x24 Hours online battery monitoirng solution by measuring and recording individual block voltage, block internal resistance and the negative pole temperature. Our battery monitoring System will detect the falling battery at the early stage, which will avoid the weak battery infect and prolong the battery life.


1. The location of the Electronic Toll Collection System are decentralized, multi-site maintenance is not efficency.
2. Batteries maintenance has become time and cost-prohibitive, it increase the personnel exposure to batteries
3. Maintenance personnel can not grasp the real-time data of the battery pack runs
4.The customer hopes to realize all-round monitoring of the power equipment of the 205 sites along the line to ensure business safety
In order to solve the above problems, we provided BM3000 battery monitoring solution for ETC Project.
1.Reduce power outages by detecting battery problems at an early stage
2.Increase Personnel safety, less human presence in battery room
3.Reduce Maintainence Cost avoiding the weak battery infect

4.Extending your batteries life