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Important application of power infrastructure in data centers
Publish time : 2021-08-18
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Maintenance of electrical infrastructure is critical to reducing the damage caused by power outages accidental data center,Maintenance of UPS backup power supply and generators should be part of the routine operation of the data center,A sudden power failure causes data center operations to a standstill,Cause data loss, file corruption, and equipment damage and other consequences

 The key purpose of UPS 
In normal operation mode, data center access one or more of its utility's power lines to meet its electricity needs,If utility power fails, UPS will switch to the power supply status,UPS power supply having two principal uses:Protect IT equipment from spikes in voltage,And to provide short-term power during a power outage。

 The importance of UPS power 
The data center power infrastructure must provide power for other equipment in the data center facility,Such as lighting, alarms, sensors, etc.It must also provide power to the IT system,So even if the power outage, they can also run uninterrupted。
Regardless of the type of UPS used, how to configure the backup power supply, the goal is the same,Provide enough time to shut down the IT system or allow the backup generator to start power generation。

 How to maintain the power infrastructure 
Data center power infrastructure also requires regular equipment maintenance and testing,If power is interrupted, improperly maintained UPS power supplies or diesel generators may affect the operation of the data center,This leads to the risk of paralysis of the system。
Battery monitoring system,is an modular level battery monitoring system specially designed for UPS/EPS. It is with high performance-price ratio and could monitoring cell parameters like temperature, voltage and internal resistance of every single battery,Can prompt the maintainer to find problems or potential hidden dangers in time,Ensure stable operation of data center power infrastructure。