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In the ups power supply system, the main safety hazards in battery operation
Publish time : 2021-08-17
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UPS battery as a final guarantee the power supply system, the state is good or bad relationship to the normal operation of the load,Due to problems in production process, transportation and installation, daily maintenance, etc.In recent years, lead-acid batteries often lead to failure of emergency standby power supply can not properly enabled。

1.Battery life can not meet the design requirements
Battery manufacturers, said in the lead-acid battery float service life can reach more than 10 years,However, there is no reasonable and effective management and maintenance of batteries in practical applications.Battery deterioration may occur in use after 3 years, the use of less than five years would have eliminated battery。

2.The influence of ambient temperature on the battery
Since the battery working environment is more complex, and the ambient temperature effect on the battery,Especially, it has a greater impact on battery voltage and current,Above 25℃, for every increase of 1℃, the charging current of the battery will increase by 10%, and the battery loss will increase by 1.5%。

3.Not clear about the battery's operation and performance status
User batteries lack sufficient understanding of the operation of the battery,The internal performance parameters of the battery, such as the internal resistance of the battery, cannot be clearly understood,So unable to implement countermeasures。

4.The concept of battery management and maintenance needs to be improved
Many maintenance personnel of storage batteries think that “maintenance-free batteries” mean that they do not require maintenance,Battery maintenance concepts and methods need to be updated and improved to meet the requirements of management and monitoring levels brought by new technologies。

5.The end of battery life cannot be judged in advance
For the end of life of the battery, if the judgment can be made in advance, it will gain time for the replacement of the battery,How to improve battery monitoring and management methods and levels, reduce or eliminate the occurrence of battery accidents, has high economic value for users

Perform real-time online monitoring of the battery, keep abreast of the health status of all batteries, find problematic batteries as soon as possible, and replace backward batteries to ensure that the batteries can be put into operation at any time。The battery management can extend the service life of the entire battery pack and reduce the number of battery replacements, thereby saving costs and also conducive to environmental protection.