We are a family!
Our Relat Team which focus on the battery monitoring solution, we organized an outdoor group activity this weekend! We stay together and have fun together!
We offer Remote Battery Monitoirng System for Highway ETC ( Electronic Toll Collection ) Project in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions of China
The battery cabinets are the backup power of the ETC System, our remote battery monitoirng solution can be completely automated measuring individual battery parameter and provide significant insights into network performance that can improve reliability and the customer experience.
A New Deployments of Battery Monitoring System Successfully Deliveried In Power Plants
Relat provides online battery monitoring system with excellent performance, safety and reliability for power plants. We ensure the safe operation of hundreds of batteries in power plants.
Relat丨2021 Shanghai International Data Center Industry Exhibition Was A Complete Success
We participated in the 2021 Shanghai International Data Center Industry Exhibition, our battery monitoring device and solar battery management system attracted customers and friends from all over the country.