Fire in Indonesia Internet Exchange Center
A fire in the Cyber 1 building in Kuningan, south of Jakarta, caused the disruption of many Internet services and data centers. In recent years, there have been frequent fire incidents at home and abroad. Among major power supply accidents, 70% of the accidents are related to battery failures. The main cause of battery fires is battery leakage, battery temperature too high, and overcharging, etc.
Do these points to make UPS system more efficient?
In order to improve the reliability and efficiency of the UPS system, it\'s required to installed online battery monitoring system, it will automatic measuring individual battery cell voltage, internal resistance and temperature, as well as battery bank current, SOC and ambient temperature.
Five reasons and prevention of premature failure of UPS power supply
Install a set of online battery monitoring system for battery packs to conduct online monitoring of important parameters such as battery voltage, internal resistance, temperature, group current, etc. Once a parameter is found to be abnormal, it will immediately alarm to find problems or potential hazards in time.
Important application of power infrastructure in data centers
The maintenance of power infrastructure is essential to reduce the damage caused by unexpected power outages to the data center. Maintaining backup power should be part of the daily operation of the data center.
In the ups power supply system, the main safety hazards in battery operation
UPS battery as a final guarantee the power supply system, the state is good or bad relationship to the normal operation of the load。
Why accident occur in UPS Room?
With the widespread use of batteries in data rooms, the number of computer room accidents caused by batteries has been increasing in recent years. The causes of accidents are mostly due to battery leakage, battery temperature too high, battery overcharging, etc.